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Leather Pearl wrap necklace

Leather Pearl wrap necklace

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Laid back and lovely! This long rustic bohemian necklace features gorgeous cultured freshwater pearls and can be worn so many ways—wrap it around your neck for a fun choker, leave it long for a stunning statement, and even wrap it around your wrist and make it a to-die-for bracelet. Choose your color of pearls and the leather you like and introduce this beauty to your wardrobe.

Long Rustic Bohemian Freshwater Pearls Necklace

• Lovely anniversary gift

• Wear as a choker, leave it long, or wrap around your wrist!

• Necklace measures approx. 55 to 60” long

• Large 10-11 mm cultured freshwater pearls

• Interesting organic shape and almost perfectly round

• Randomly knotted for easy-to-wear look

• Choose white or black pearls

• Your choice of three leather colors

• Easy to put on—simply slip over your head

• No metal is used

• Ready for gifting—packaged in a pretty organza bag and box

Freshwater pearls are pearls that are formed in a variety of freshwater mollusks, such as mussels and oysters. While freshwater pearls can have a range of colors, shapes and sizes, they are often less expensive than saltwater pearls due to their more irregular shape and often contain inclusions. Inclusions are tiny imperfections that can be seen in the pearl, usually in the form of bumps or lines. Freshwater pearls are still highly sought after by jewelry makers and pearl collectors due to their unique characteristics, affordability, and variety.

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