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Pearl Lariat slide necklace

Pearl Lariat slide necklace

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aPearls, the symbol of femininity and “chic attitude”, this winter pearls will make us forget about the weather and dream… Some of us will appreciate their slightly “obsolete” charm, other will manage to give them and twist by combining them with a casual – or even sporty – outfit. Indispensable and eternal, pearls are a must this season.

One pearl slides up and down for ease of getting necklace on and then adjust how you want to wear it.

You can slide the pearl close to the neck as a choker or slide down as shown in photo.

The other 2 pearls are knotted at the bottom. These pearls are of an organic shape and not perfectly round like the very expensive cultured pearls.

Real leather cording is soft and strong. Minimalist Frontier style that can be worn with many outfits.

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