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Leather strap Hammered square earrings,

Leather strap Hammered square earrings,

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Leather color
Earwire style

Hammered Square earrings with your choice of black or brown leather on your choice of a lever-back or shepherds hook ear wires.

These are so unique in style. A casual earring that looks great with Jeans and a tee-shirt, or wear to work with your casual office attire.

You will find yourself reaching for these earrings no matter the occasion.

The hammered square is pewter and will not require polishing.

The leather is soft and supple. You may even want both colors of the leather.

The ear wires are sterling silver and will have silicone stoppers to keep them safely in your ears or choose the lever back.

What is a lever back earring?

Lever back earrings are earrings with a hinged, closed mechanism at the top. The appearance is similar to that of a french wire, but the metal has a lever that closes off the loop. The odds of this earring coming off on it's own is low.

The earrings would make a perfect best friend gift also, Leather is the 3rd anniversary gift, making these a perfect gift!

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