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Tahitian pearls suede leather necklace

Tahitian pearls suede leather necklace

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Leather color

Natural black Tahitian Pearls on soft suede leather is so Boho Chic!

The length is adjustable by sliding the silver bead in the back.

You can wear with dressed up or down.

Long tassels with more luscious Pearl's give movement and style. The Leather is soft and luxurious.

Choose your leather color from the dropdown menu. Black, Brown, Grey or Tan leather.

The Tahitian Pearls are natural and not enhanced in any way, just the way nature made them in the south sea islands. Most are Black but a few might have a silver grey tone to them. These pearls are not perfectly round and have inclusions making them a great Rustic feel and go well with the leather.

There over 15 pearls and are are approximately 8-10mm large.

This would make an amazing 3rd Anniversary gift. With the 3rd anniversary being leather and the 30th being the pearls. A treasure to hold for many years.

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